Consulting a Realtor

Realtors are members of The British Columbia Real Estate Association who subscribe to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Practice. 

What a Realtor Can Do For You

The following is a list of services you can expect to receive from a realtor when you buy a home:

  • A realtor will fully explain the details of your working relationship (called “agency”) so that you are clear as to when a realtor is working for you or for the seller.
  • A realtor has access to hundreds of current listings of homes for sale because of a co- operative system called the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • A realtor can provide you with a customized list of homes that best meet your needs — size, style, features, location, proximity to schools, shopping, etc. – and then make arrangements for you to view those homes that appeal to you the most.
  • A realtor will help you determine how big a home you can afford.
  • A realtor has no emotional ties to any type or style of home and can be objective in pointing out the merits of one home over another.
  • A realtor will have information on zoning changes, taxes, utility costs and school and recreation services that could affect your decision to buy a home in a specific area.
  • A realtor will assist you in negotiating the terms of your purchase, which can be a nerve-wracking process for someone who is not experienced in negotiating.
  • A realtor will advise you of the legal process required in obtaining title and taking possession of your property; the costs associated with buying a home such as insurance, mortgage registration and legal fees will be explained in detail.

Source: Victoria Real Estate Board 2015